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The Haunted Graveyard Floorplan
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An entry and fence for the graveyard were added, no more standing in line on the lawn...

An arm extends out of a smoking coffin

A decomposing body jumps out of its coffin

Freshly dug graves

And the grave digger...

“No Vacancy” in the daytime turns into a welcoming sign at night...

There’s always room for one more

Being short on time this year, I re-purposed props from "The Master" complete with graveyard and a self opening coffin that had red light and fog billowing out of it. I added large black rats with LED glowing eyes, one of which jumped at visitors. While this year had alot of potential, I was greeted by kids chanting "Hurry up... hurry up" and was later informed "it wasn't as scary as last year."