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This one was BIG. Real big and expensive. I purchased four 10x10 canopies to cover the driveway, and tarps to hang within to make a maze. In total over 700 sqft of haunt. The biggest technical accomplishments were the evolution of my computer Event Controller, and the addition of Sound Channel, directing unique sounds to individual channels around the haunt. I also acquired real pneumatic cylinders and 5 port solenoid valves resulting in dual action events, with spiders jumping off walls and then back in. Add to this scent (melting candles which smelled like a graveyard), and 6 live actors, and you get a great success.

The Haunted Crypt Floorplan
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Grim Reaper (Grim)

Grim Reaper (Grim)

Talking Headstone Greeter

Ghost in front window (Sally)

Spider Webs & Sacs

Decomposing Body (Dead Fred)

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