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Our Cast of Fairy Tale Characters

This year we decided to host “Twisted Tales”... In the fashion of the best Fairy Tales (gone wrong).

Guests entered an Alice in Wonderland Forced Perspective Room, and had to bend over to exit via a dark, cramped hallway which ended them up in the Hansel & Gretel Witch’s House. After being treated to something fresh from the oven, they proceeded to a dark forest where Little Miss Muffet and other guests had been trapped by the
spider. On their way out, they passed through a Little Red Riding Hood room with the Wolf tied up and bleeding, and unfortunately so was Grandma, with Little Red herself standing over her. On their way out of the forest, guests passed by skeletons strung up from the trees, some of them still moving.

Twisted Tales Floorplan
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Alice’s Forced Perspective Room makes the Guests grow...

Guests enter the Witch’s house via the cage, and she treats them to something fresh from the oven

The Spider has taken over Little Miss Muffet’s forest and leaps at the Guests

Little Red turned the table on the Wolf... and Grandma