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Switched by Solenoid

1) Pressure is supplied to the center port at the bottom of the solenoid. (These are typically installed side by side within a manifold and share a single pressure connection)

2) When off, the air pressure is transferred to one of the 2 quick connect ports on top, while the other quick connect port on top is connected to an exhaust port at bottom.

3) When activated, the solenoid switches these, allowing the opposite quick connect port to be pressurized, and exhausting the original.

4) This action allows you to connect 2 air lines to either end of a dual acting pneumatic cylinder, and power the cylinder extended and closed.

Note: These solenoids do not work without pressure, so when testing, always apply a pressurized air source.

These 5 Port valves are soooo much better than the solenoid valves I scavenged out of ice makers and washing machines. The design allows for an event to activate with pressure or without... in effect allowing for a dual action event... power up, power down, and you donít have to rely on gravity to re-set an event.

I use these for events like my Spider Jumper, which allows the spider (or bat) to leap from the wall, reset back onto the wall, and leap again.