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Dead Fred is a rather gruesome sight, but relatively easy to make. This effect allows you to make a rather ordinary plastic skeleton into something a bit scarier.

Plastic Skeleton

4-5 bottles of White Glue

1-2 rolls of heavy duty (shop) white paper towels

1 Can of Spray Foam

Red & Green Flourescent Spray Paint, Gray Spray Paint

Scary eyeballs (optional)

1) Soak paper towels in white glue, and then wrap the plastic skeleton. Allow to the paper towels to wrinkle to simulate dead flesh, and leave an opening around the stomach and the head.

2) Spray expanding foam back and forth with stomach and head openings to simulate intestines and brain matter.

3) Spray Fred with flourescent red and green paint (best done under blacklight), using gray paint to reduce shine, and add depth and texture.

4) Optional, cut out eye ball areas slightly small than the “scary eyes” and then place the “scary eyes” into openings from inside of skull. Spray expanding foam from back of skull (expands inside skull, and forces eyes to pop out of front).

5) Display under blacklight.

6) Animate with pneumatics to allow “Fred” to rise from the dead on command.