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The ‘Grim’ Reaper

1 1/2“ PVC, fittings for skeletal make structure

2‘ - 2“x12“ (for base)

2‘ - Gas Pipe and Flange mount (to secure to base)

Chicken Wire

Black burlap

Drywall compound

Exterior latex paint (Gray)

Optional - Lantern, red christmas clear C7 light bulbs, electrical components

1) Create the base by securing gas pipe flange to center of 2x12“, attaching gas pipe to flange, and slipping PVC over pipe (I recommend drilling this and securing the PVC to the gas pipe for good measure)

2) Create the skeletal structure in PVC to support the next step (Extended arm, head, etc)

3) Form a chicken wire cage around the PVC, attach it to the base, and the PVC where ever possible. For the arms, roll the chicken wire into a tube, and then attach the ends to the main structure.

4) Drape the frame with black burlap, fray as appropriate at ends of arms and on hood, be creative.

5) Mix Drywall Compound with latex paint to make “Monster Mud”... and apply liberally onto burlap... Let harden,

6) Optional: If planned to be left outside, consider spraying with a clear coat to seal.

7) Optional: Wire up a lantern to the extended arm, and wire to a flickering circuit.
- I use a single clear red C7 Christmas light bulb (they’re usually available in stores just before Halloween). You can get chandelier and lamp parts at Home Depot to wire this up.
- I wire up the blinking circuit in a 1 gang electrical box, so you can plug any low wattage light fixture into it.
- See favorite links for details on the lighting circuit.

Nothing beats a 6 1/2‘ tall Grim Reaper to intimidate your guests. This large prop is inanimate, but is equipped with a flickering lantern (red light) that makes the entire area a bit eerie. One note... “Grim” doesn’t pack down, so he lives in the garage year round.