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Store bought headstones just can’t compare to these home-made props. Realistic, life-size headstones are an easy, affordable way to bring authenticity to your scary graveyard.

1 - 4‘x8’ sheet of 2“ building foam insulation (pink)
- (available at most Home Depot stores)

Styrofoam cutter or utility knife

Dremel tool with rounded 5/8“ grinding stone

Spray adhesive

Drywall compound

Exterior latex paint (Gray & White)

1) Cut the 4‘x8’ sheet into 5 pieces
4 - 2‘x3’
1 - 2‘ x 4’ (allows taller headstones, like cross)

2) Cut some interesting shapes (see pictures)
- Use scraps with hot glue to create dimension

3) On a computer, create names and statements (I like to use a font that prints only the outline of the text, and attach as appropriate to foam with spray adhesive.

4) Use dremel tool to carve out saying (this takes practice, go slowly). If foam melts on grinding stone, run against wood to remove.

5) Mix drywall compound with gray paint to make “monster mud”, and spread onto headstone, allowing texture to occur.

6) Highlight headstone with lighter shades of gray paint (mix gray with white paint to lighten).

7) Secure to yard
- I’ve used pvc stakes on the bottom, and large stakes on the back... Whatever works without being visible.
- These are very light weight, and are susceptible to wind damage.