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These light beams are a great solution for knowing where your guests are within your haunt. They automatically send a signal back to the Parallel Port Interface anytime that the light beam is broken. I designed them to be staked in a yard, or to be free standing. When freestanding, I typically insert them inside a cinder block so they’re less likely to be knocked around by the foot traffic.

1) I insert 2 “AA” Batteries into the holder within one box which power an IR LED.

2) I connect the sensor to the Parallel Port Interface (which supplies the 5V for the circuit)

3) I place the two boxes across a path, usually 4 feet apart, but I have been successful up to ~10 feet.

4) I use a potentiometer to adjust the sensitivity of the IR sensor. The red led will glow anytime that the sensor doesn’t receive enough light (when the beam is broken). Whenever this occurs, a signal is sent back to the Parallel Port Interface.