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4-5 Port Solenoid Valves

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Aluminum Stock (3/4Ē and 1/2Ē)


1) Really, this is about precision work. Your solenoids sit side by side with small connectors between the lower ports to provide an airtight seal. You need to understand how your solenoids work, and provide a sealed end on either side to make the pressure line air tight.

2) I sacrificed a few of the exhaust port fittings to connect the pressure ports to my manifold. This meant that I simply had to drill an appropriate size hole into either aluminum plate to accept the fitting.

3) I drilled through the inlet side, and tapped the hole to allow a quick connect fitting to be my supply line.

4) I drilled through the non-inlet side to allow the exhaust ports to expel pressurized air as necessary

(I donít worry about air tight exhaust fittings... although if air tight, you could put a speed control on these)

5) I assembled the manifold with 4 bolts to apply even pressure to the 2 plates on either side of the valves.

If youíre fortunate, your solenoid valves will come with a manifold... mine didnít. Instead of making a manifold that had all 16 solenoids in it, I decided to distribute my air controls, so I could place them throughout my haunt. In this manner, I run a single supply line to the input, and run the event lines over a shorter distance.