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I created this room for our 2013 Fairy Tale themed “Twisted Tales” haunt. IT was the first room guest initially entered, and made it appear that Alice and the Mad Hatter were growing and shrinking as they walked back and forth in the room. We ran a laser light show to make it a bit more disorienting. Guests walked part way into the room, and then were forced to exit through a small cramped hallway on the side.

The design is simply a room sloping from ~8‘ x 8’ down to a 4‘ x 5’ area, with a tiled floor accentuating the change in perspective. I tried to make the far end lower, but the slope of the ceiling made it hard on the actors to walk around. I used inexpensive materials to pull this off as it was intended to be a very temporary structure, and had to fit inside my garage.

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How-to Build a Forced Perspective Room