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1-2 low RPM Motors

Misc metal for mounting

Power supply appropriate for motors

Materials to shake headstones (see pictures)

A lightweight, loosely secured headstone will shake well with just a little movement. The idea here is to provide a motor to provide an elliptical movement, and nudge the headstone in an eerie manner.

1) Mount 1-2 motors on metal so it can be staked into the ground.

2) To the motor, find a way to mount a rod which allows it to be rotated and travel about 4ď.

3) Within headstone, secure a slightly larger hold (I used PVC tubing as an insert to reinforce the hole.

4) Paint black, and obscure with leaves.

5) When activated, the rod will cause the headstone to move just enough to make it appear that something is moving it from below.

I connect mine to my computer control, and activate it on a trigger (someone walking past), or as a timed event.

Shaking headstones are a pre-requisite to any good graveyard scene. Off course this means whoever is under there is trying to get out. Better yet, trigger it randomly so it isnít constantly moving.