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A Firefly Lightning Simulator

A Sound System

Flood Lights

Green (or Black) Extension Cords

16 - 2x4 lumber

1) Set up the Firefly lightning controller in a convenient, interior location.

2) Connect sound to it, using the thunder soundtrack included with the controller (on loop), and place speakers so the sound can be heard outside.

3) Run extension cords through house to internal lights that you wish to flicker to simulate a power failure.

4) Run extension cords to floodlights which are placed above the property, preferably from a couple of different angles.

5) Fine tune the system before the big night...

Setting the stage with a realistic Thunder and Lightning storm on your home haunt cemetery is a great way to greet guests into your haunt.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Firefly as a lightning controller, I own the FF-501, which can be found at www.lights-alive.com

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