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There's no better way to flash up your presentation with a little Flash.

I started experimenting with Flash while developing my website, and found a less expensive alternative to Adobe offering... It's called Swish, and the package I bought a number of years ago had three components, the Swish Max software which makes flash movies from scratch, the Swish Video which will convert video files into flash, and the Swish Studio which allows you to create screen savers from Flash files. You can find more information on my Favorite Links page.

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I created my first flash animation for Halloween in 2005, and had it playing across 2 monitors... I used it as a backdrop to my presentation. Initially there is no sound, but about 15 seconds in the electricity starts to build... Be sure to watch the whole thing... It's not over just because the screen goes blanks... That's just when the red light in the room was programmed to turn off and everything went dark... The sound effects of my monster coming back to life continued to play in the background.

In 2010, I repurposed this video, and created two others, one of the doctor video recording himself, and another simulating an electron microscope scanning the infected blood to help cure the zombie disease. In 2011, I created a static filled screen which had an image of a Halloween mask popping out to simulate a demon terrorizing a young girl. Both of these videos can be seen in the video playlist above.