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PVC, PVC Cement

Solenoid for Air (Large volume from washing machine works best)

FlexibleTubing & Connectors

Electrical materials

1) Use ½ or ¾” PVC pipe as the base, and provide connectors for flexible hosing. And cement a fitting onto one end to allow the air supply tubing to connect.

2) Connect the tubing to a solenoid valve that allows a large volume of air to flow, like a hot/cold mixing valve from a washing machine. Connect that to a switch.

3) When guest walk past, the flexible tubing whips around, delivering blasts of air. I built a confined area for mine so the flexible tubing didn’t get caught up in anything.

Easy to create effect that catches guests off guard. High Pressure air runs through flexible tubing that causes it to whip about and blow air in random directions. Requires a lot of air... Expect the compressor to be running a lot.