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Get old, aged wood... (From a barn, stable, or in my case, an old pallet that was being disposed of.)

A saw and a bunch of nails.

Store it outside, and allow spider webs and moss to grow on it... Just makes it more realistic.

Coffins are fairly easy to make and are a must to set the scene properly. Iíve used wooden coffins outdoors, and they look great even in daylight. The Styrofoam coffins are easy to store, and great for interior haunts.

Get 3/4ď to 1Ē sheets of styrofoam insulation from a building supply store (usually pink or blue... Stay away from the white stuff that crumbles into small styrofoam pellets).

Cut it with a utility knife and simply hot glue it together.

You can use duct tape for hinges on the lid.

Use Monster Mud to cover it (Drywall compound mixed with gray paint) and leave some texture so it looks like concrete. Iíve lined the inside with black plastic, or coated it with more monster mud.

For a good effect, use a light dusting of flourescent green spray paint with a low output blacklight... The eerie green glow completes the effect.

I break these down each year and store them flat. Reassembly takes a few minutes and a couple of sticks of hot glue and a touch up here and there on the paint.