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Obtain the materials from a local home improvement store:

Lathe 1/4“ x 1 1/2” x 4‘
(usually sold in a bundle)

1/2“ electric PVC conduit
(It’s gray vs plumbing white, and cheaper)

Drill bits (including a 3/4“ or 13/16”)

Small nails (4d works well)

A graveyard scene isn’t nearly as impressive without a black wrought iron fence surrounding it. But who wants to have one of these in their front yard year long (not to mention the expense. Here’s a great low cost, easy to store, look-a-like.

1) Drill 6 evenly spaced holes in lathe for the PVC to fit through. (Space the holes at the end half the distance, as another section of fencing will sit next to it)
- Do this twice for each section of fence)

2) Cut a 10‘ length of PVC to the following:
- 2 at 37“, 1 at 43“
(The extrusion on electric PVC is waste)
- Do this twice for each section of fence)

3) Pound the 2 of the 43“ pipes into the ground while inserted through the PVC. Drill small holes through PVC and insert finish nails to hold the lathe up at height.

4) Drop the remaining 4 short PVC sections into place. Paint fence black.

Simply remove the nails and the fence packs down into small, easy to store components.