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Lots of fun and easy to do. In 2004, I temporarily blocked my cul-de-sac storm drain, lined the street with plastic, and flooded the cul-de-sac. The guests had to ‘walk the plank’ to get to the haunt (a ghost ship using the light pole in my front yard as the mast of the ship).

PVC, PVC Cement

Solenoid for Air (Large volume from washing machine works best)

Tubing & Electrical materials

1) Use a 1 to 1 1/2” PVC pipe as the water reservoir, and cement a fitting onto one end to allow the tubing to connect. Cement on a 90 degree elbow onto the other end to direct the blast upward.

2) Connect the tubing to a solenoid valve that allows a large volume of air to flow, like a hot/cold mixing valve from a washing machine. Connect that to a switch. While mine was manual, this could be automated as well.

3) Place the air cannon just below the surface of the water, allowing the water to refill the reservoir through the elbow anytime the air is not on.

4) With longer reservoir pipes and enough pressure, you can expect your blasts to shoot 3-6 feet above the water.

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