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The Pirates Floorplan
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A light pole mast for our pirate ship
and a plank across the cul-de-sac

A decomposing body gets your attention

A skeleton drops from the ceiling

Water shoots up crossing the plank

The captain steers the ship

Thar� be treasure

By far one of the most fun years (if not the scariest). In the midst of "Pirates of the Caribbean," this was well received. I transformed the light pole in the front of my house into the mast of the ship, complete with torn sail... and then used PVC and black plastic to make the hull of the ship that visitors passed through. In order to get to the ship, guests had to cross the plank over a flooded cul-de-sac, in which air cannons shot water 6 feet high. This is the first time I tried a "Pepper Ghost", having the captain talk to the guest is a hallway fo the ship. Ultimately more fun than scare.

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