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The 2011 Haunt Crew

This year we featured a full blown lightning storm in front of our house, highlighting the fenced cemetery and full sized headstones with flashes of lightning from 2 different directions synchronized with thunder sound effects.

The interior of the haunt follwed suit with the outdoor theme... We made different rooms of the house that our guests toured through, starting with the living room where a young girl was talking to tormentors on a static filled tv, proceeding to a haunting bedroom experience with buldging doors and rather sick rhymes being sung by a a girl on her bed... While a second prepared to come out from underneath it. A walk past a bulging door, and a visit to the kitchen and the workroom full of sharp knives and a crazy man cutting off limbs with a reciprocating saw finished off the visit with screams all around.

I am Legend Floorplan
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The creepy bedroom scene is completed by 2 girls with whiteout contacts, blacklight, and a bulging door.

Don�t ask �what�s for dinner�, ask �who?�

The Bulging Door