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The 2012 Haunt Crew

This year we opted to have an industrial design outside with a �Toy Factory� sign instead of the traditional graveyard (we still had the lightning storm).

Inside, the guests were greeted in the factory office, and informed of the self guided tour. They traveled through a �ball� room in complete darkness with a blacklight highlighting the colored balls painted on the walls, which happened to match those on the cloaked figures in the room who converged on the guests as they passed through.

Inside, they were greeted by a crazy clown, and a 3 foot tall jack in the box. After traveling through hallways with jetted air blowing at them, they passed an animatronic clown zombie and entered the doll surgery room, where our demented toy maker was converting unsuspecting guests into life-size dolls. Guests escaped the haunt through the warehouse while some doll zombies pursued them.

Toy Factory Floorplan
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Make-up really brings the Jack-in-the-Box and Dolls to life (or after-life)

Animatronic Zombie Clown

The Bulging Door

A less frightening exterior...