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1) These valves are found on washing machines, and are intended to mix hot and cold water, so the inlets are actually the 3/4” threaded hose fittings. I had hoped to use them the other way, and have 2 outlets, but unfortunately when I connect pressure the other direction, it leaks through both of the threaded connectors... so ultimately, you simply need to cap one of the inlets off (I used the end of a sprinkler hose) and use it as a single control device.

2) Most of these devices operate with 120V AC, so you’ll want to enclose these in a manner that no one can touch the live wires.

3) When activated, the solenoid opens the valve and allows the pressurized air to flow.

4) Getting the proper hose fittings can be problematic, that’s why I like the 5 Port Solenoids so much more... I’ve converted almost 100% to ¼” supply lines and quick connect fittings to drive pneumatic cylinders.

Note: 1/4“ supply lines may not drive high volumes of air.

These 2 port solenoids valves are what I started out using when trying pneumatics. I harvested them from defunct washing machines and ice makers. They’re intended to control the flow of water, but can be adapted for air control.