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Douglas Fir Singing Tree (orlginal)
- needs to have an AUX jack for external input... Most new ones don’t

A bit of wood, a bit of foam, and some creativity

Crayola Modeling Magic foam clay

1) Start by de-fir-ing the Douglas Firr tree, being careful not to cut any electircal wires. I left the tree stump base intact, and mounted it on the back of a piece of hardboard

2) Mount the mechanism on the front of the hardboard

3) I created some facial structure from a few pieces of ¾ pine, and then inserted foam to contour out the face. I made the nose from several pieces of joined wood which I thn cut / carved down.

4) Ensure that everything works, and the eye lids and the mouth move freely throughout.

5) place a thin layer of Crayola Modeling Magic over the top as skin, and coat with gray paint, or a flecked paint to simulate stone.

6) I inserted my talking face into a headstone, the construction of which I describe on the headstone props page.

7) You can create a looped soundtrack by creating a CD and setting it to “repeat”, or trigger from a computer as I do. Just plug the standard 1/8“ headphone cable into the AUX jack... otherwise he’ll sing ”Jingle Bells“.

For more information, and a link to the inspiration for this (the Lamar Manner), please visit the Favorite Links page.

This is a fun one... A talking headstone... complaining about not being allowed to rest in peace, or anything else that you can think up. And the best part... It’s basis is a Christmas decoration, a singing Douglas Fir tree.