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Bones - Animated Skeleton

Zombie Mask

Old dress shirt

Fake blood

Foam Core board, drywall

1) Build “Bones - the Animated Skeleton

2) Place somthing on it’s skull (I used foam) to allow the Zombie Mask to fit properly.

3) Tear the dress shirt, and fit it onto the skeleton, add fake blood and other appropriate enhancements

4) Place it in an enclosed space (I used a closet in my garage) and ensure the guest is surprised. I actually drywalled the bottom half of the door, and then used ¼ foamcore board to simulate the top half... But made it possible for the zombie to break through it, and then have it reset by one of my human haunters.

For the 2010 haunt (“I am Legend”), I created a “Reaver” (yes, named after ‘Firefly’s’ space faring zombies...) by repurposing ”Bones” the animated skeleton and making it break out of a wall to frighten guests who were “safe” in the panic room“.

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