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Following 2008, I once again set up four 10x10 canopies to cover the driveway, and tarps to hang within to make a maze. In total over 700 sqft of haunt. My computer Event Controller evolved to manage up to 20 unique events. Guests entered a foyer with a 6 foot tall grim reaper, and were shown to a sitting area with our leaping witch, after which they confronted a zombie with a zombie head coming out of a table, and then taken to the guest room where people were caged and an animated skeleton attacked. I had dual action events, with bats jumping off walls and then back in, a total of 9 actors, and a lot of frights.

The Undead Manor Floorplan
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Animated Skeleton (Bones)

Cast and Crew

Sitting Room (Leaping Witch)

Guest Rooms

Grim Reaper (Grim)

Dining Room

Wrought Iron Fence with
Web Shooter webs

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