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Animated Reaver attacks
through a wall

We took a different direction this year, a neighborhood disaster. I built 4 barricades (complete with flashing lights) and 4 toxic waste drums (which fold up for storage, very cool), and helped evacuate the neighborhood kids. This included a medical pre-screening, an operating room with flash animation heart monitors; I tried to save an infected neighbor, but he chased the kids into a safe room, which was anything but safe (as a zombie broke through a wall to get them). This was followed by a very dark warehouse and holding pen for infected zombies.... Lots of screams, lots of fun.

I am Legend Floorplan
(Click to see detail)

The line forms (4 hours straight)

Zombies in the warehouse (some were real...)

The statistics on this disease are down right scary

Trash Can Trauma 2
(in a toxic waste barrel)

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